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Two words … Mental Health   

That’s this month’s theme at the PTDC, where all month long we’re highlighting motivation and mindset tips that will help your well-being and your business.  

On Tuesday, we kicked things off with a powerful piece from Chrissy King that answers the question …

"Are my clients judging my appearance?"

If you’ve ever wondered that, you MUST read the 7 strategies Chrissy shares in this article …

You’ll instantly relieve some of your anxiety, and you may even attract more clients and become a better (and happier) coach.

Read it here:
--> "Are Your Clients Judging Your Appearance?"

—Coach Jon and the PTDC team
Watch for these NEW articles this month …

May 11: How to combat your impostor syndrome (even if you have a TON of certifications)

May 13: From burnout to balance in 3 steps

May 18: How to deal with your perfectionism (according to science)

May 20: Does your client treat you like a therapist? How to set boundaries (a fit pro’s guide)

May 25: 3 tips for training clients with mental health challenges

May 27: 5 elite fit pros open up about their mental health struggles

Quote of the week:

"Over the last 17 years, I’ve:

-lifted weights 3,536 times
-walked or hiked 24,820 miles
-eaten 43,435 cups of vegetables
-eaten 930,750 grams of protein

And I believe the *best thing* I’ve ever done for my health is go to therapy consistently." —Molly Galbraith
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