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Change is uncomfortable.   

We’ll put up with just about anything to avoid it …  

… whether that means staying at a weight or size you’re not happy with, or staying put in a job or business that’s not right.  

Online training could be the change you need to build the business and life you want.

That’s why online training is this month’s theme at the PTDC … where all month long we’ll be answering questions about online training, with a different Q-and-A every day (30 total).

Read them here:

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We’ll also be featuring useful resources to help you launch and grow your online training business, no matter what level you’re at …

Like a new comprehensive guide from Online Trainer Academy Level 1 Director Amber Reynolds, showing you exactly what you need (and don’t need) to spend money on:

  • Special software?
  • Insurance?
  • Automation tools (so you can spend more time doing what you want)?

Find out here: “What Does It Really Cost to Launch an Online Training Business?”

We hope you enjoy the articles!

—Coach Jon and the PTDC team
This Week on the Online Trainer Show
Here’s what you’ll learn …

You want to launch your own business, but there’s a problem: You don’t know what you’re doing. Relax, it’ll be okay—if you follow the tips in episode 106, “What We Wish We Would’ve Known.”  

How do you add a second target market without screwing up the one you already have? Listen to episode 107, “How to Have More Than One Target Market,” to find out.

You’ll find every episode here:

--> The Online Trainer Show
Quote of the week:

“Planning and preparation are useful until they become a form of procrastination.

Is this task enhancing my actions or substituting for them?”
— James Clear
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