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Howdy! This week at the PTDC, we’re all about getting stuff back. Spring is back. Our Insta is back. And our NEW article will show you how to keep your clients coming back.

Let’s kick things off with a story …

It happened two Fridays ago.  

Instagram—the entire site—went down in the afternoon.

“Looks like it’s a worldwide mental-health holiday!” I joked with my team over Slack. Nothing else to do except wait until IG came back.

Which it did, in short order.

But the PTDC account? Not so much.

That’s right. For almost two full weeks in March, @thePTDC was disabled. Apparently, we violated the terms of service somehow. (We have multiple team members who log in internationally, and we believe it set off the automated security.)

We received no heads-up. No warning.

After years of building our account to 74k followers … Just like that—poof!—it was gone.

For nearly two weeks, our team sent constant appeals. We reached out to every connection.

Until …

Last Wednesday …

It came back!

So, what’s the lesson here, kids? Is it …

Never give up? Persistence pays off? Don’t piss off the Insta-gods?

All important takeaways, for sure.

But the BIG lesson here is this:

NEVER build a business on a platform you don’t own. Because it can be taken away from you in seconds, with no notice.

That’s why, even if our account hadn’t returned, it wouldn’t have mattered. It wouldn’t have affected our bottom line. Because we know better than to put all our eggs in one Insta-basket. (Happy Easter, btw.)

That said, I’ll be honest—I’m sure glad our Insta is back!

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NEW ARTICLE: Why do clients leave personal trainers? (Survey results)

When you’re building a personal training business …

Retaining clients is just as important as attracting them in the first place.

Because you can’t fill a leaky bucket.

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→ Why Do Clients Leave Personal Trainers? (Survey results)
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Quote of the week:

“Help one person every day …

This was among the best advice anyone's ever given me.

It changed my life and my career, and it STILL works.” —Bryan Krahn
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