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This is a true story.   

If you coach clients online (or you want to), this matters to you.

Especially if you’ve ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels, or working really hard with little payoff—and your online “business” feels more like an expensive hobby.

Here's the story:

Alice Scott wanted the dream. This wasn’t it …

She was working eight-hour shifts training clients one-on-one at a small gym in the south of England.

The hours were decent. She loved helping people.

Just one problem: She wasn’t in control.

Her employer set her hours and pocketed much of the money.

A full day of training clients left Scott, an introvert, drained.

So when Scott looked at online personal training—coaching remotely from anywhere you want, on your time—she knew it was for her.  

When she started training clients online, she realized she was doing something wrong.

She felt like she always had to be doing something. Responding to clients. Posting on Instagram. Working on her website.
She’d be watching a movie in the evening while working on her application form or posting on social media.

Instead of having more control over her hours, she had no hours at all.

So much for freedom.

It’s a common trap: New online trainers find that they’re working harder than ever, often for less money, than they were when they trained in person.

Sound familiar?

Click to find out what Alice (and 7 other Online Trainer Academy students) did to overcome it:

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Quote of the week:

“The best program not done is always worse than a mediocre one done often.

Consistency is key.” —Max Schmarzo
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