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"It works for me!"  

That’s this month’s theme at - where all month long we’ll be featuring tips from REAL fit pros that work for them (and can work for you too).

On Tuesday we kicked things off with a value-packed piece from Meghan Callaway—an online personal trainer who’s killing it on Instagram (66k+ loyal followers).

We asked how she does it—and not only did she share her eight best tips for promoting personal training on Instagram …  

… she also revealed the six fit pros on Instagram who inspire HER. (If you’re not already following all six of these people, we highly recommend you start.)

Key takeaway:

You don’t have to get half-naked to promote your fitness business on Instagram. 🙌  (Unless that’s your thing—in which case go for it.)

The point is - "flash" and gimmicks won’t help you get clients. But these eight tips will …

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April 13: Why Joe Dowdell hires fitness coaches (and you should too)

April 15: How to deal with difficult clients (5 strategies from Tony Gentilcore)

April 20: 7 habits of highly successful online coaches

April 22: "Will my online clients leave me when gyms reopen?" (Not if you use the strategies in this article.)

April 27: 7 time-management tips for running your online business ← If you feel like you’re working 24-7, we think this will interest you.
This Week on the Online Trainer Show
Here’s what you’ll learn …

In Episode 90, "What’s the Best Lead Generation Method?", discover the small actions that can blow up your leads.  

In Episode 91, "Onboarding New Clients the Right Way," learn simple onboarding strategies to improve your customer experience (key to client retention).

You’ll find every episode here:

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Quote of the week:

"Squatting deep isn’t bad for your knees.

Not having the ability to squat deep is." —Squat University
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