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How should a trainer look?

I recently asked this question on Instagram.

Clearly, it struck a nerve …

We need to start accepting a greater variety of body types in the fitness industry.@demdyke

Trainers should represent the spectrum of the people they train, including all body types.@jmarcottefitness

Reinforcing the narrative that we must look a certain way to promote health is not only damaging to our clients but also does harm to the mental health and well-being of our peers. There is no one size fits all … —@strong_likeamutha

Most fitness pros agree: You don’t need a perfect body to be a successful coach. (We did this podcast episode all about it.)

In fact, those with extremely low body-fat from restrictive dieting, supplements, and extreme workouts can be the worst trainers because they lack empathy toward clients’ struggles, and design workouts that don’t meet their clients’ reality.

Still, in an industry where we’re bombarded with images of InstaTrainers with chiseled six-packs and very few clothes, there can be a lot of pressure to look a certain way.

After all, how is a serious, “mere mortal”-looking fit pro supposed to compete?

If you’re worried about that …

I now want to ask you a different question: What is your story?

Because when it comes to marketing, how a trainer tells their story is way more important than how they look.

Right now, there’s tremendous opportunity for coaches at all stages of their fitness journey …

As long as you tell your story, you will appeal to people going through similar journeys and connect with them.

No matter your appearance, you must learn to best optimize the strategies that fit you where you are.

Click here for 7 tips on how to tell your story.

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Speaking of telling your story …

NEW ARTICLE: How to find and master your fitness niche (the right way!) From Ren Jones
I took this pic with my mom in 2008.

Mom had been disabled by a stroke for 12 years at this point. She was living with my big sister (her full-time caregiver) until my big sister died, four years after this photo.

Mom lived two more years in an extended-care facility, 120 miles from me. I’d visit her. We’d watch football together.

I never told my friends or family this, but I cried every time I got in my car to drive home.

I switched careers by her bedside. From insurance to fitness.

She died in February and I passed my fitness exam in March.

I cried all the way home from the testing site.

Today, I try to pour that purpose into my clients. It's why I train moms.

Why am I telling you this? Because when you’re a coach, your story matters.

Check out my new article to find out why—plus learn three strategies for marketing to your niche:

How Online Personal Trainers Should be Mastering and Profiting from Their Niche (the Right Way)
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Quote of the week:

“Interviewer: What’s your best motivational quote to your clients?

Me: ‘You paid me a lot of money for this.’ ”
— Nick Tumminello
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