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3 things I learned from launching Version 4.0   From Amber Reynolds, director of the Online Trainer Academy

When we started updating the Online Trainer Academy – I knew it would be a big project.

But I had no idea how big.

Now, 500+ hours’ worth of labor later, we’ve made massive improvements (and faced massive challenges) …  

If you ever find yourself managing a big project, some words of advice:

1. Give yourself enough time. Getting a clear understanding of all the moving parts and how long something takes is always a challenge. You don’t know what you don’t know. I now have a 40% rule: Budget 40% more time than you think you’ll need. If you think a project will take you 100 hours - count on 140.

2. Be willing to pivot. We thought updating the textbook would be a light lift. Instead: We added whole sections, moved chapters around, and did a heavy, 60-hour edit (we actually lost 16 pages, though we added tons of value). When you start digging in – you WILL find unexpected things. Be flexible enough to address them.

3. Ask for help. This was a hard lesson for me, and I’m guessing it is for you too. If you’re like me, you tend to do stuff yourself. You don’t like relying on someone else to get things done, and you don’t want to bother people. If you’re tackling a big project, you WILL have to ask for help. You can’t do it all (not well, anyway).

Want to learn more about the Academy V4.0? Click below to join the waitlist and we’ll fill you in on everything that’s new:

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True story ... From Jonathan Goodman

The first business model I built for online training was back in 2013.

I tested it with a beta group of 24 fit pros while living in Maui …

Amazingly … it worked.

And based off the feedback from that beta group, I developed the 1K Extra program—teaching folks how to build their own coaching business online.  

Since then …

My team and I have helped tens of thousands of fitness and nutrition pros transition to either part- or full-time online training.

At every point of the journey we collected feedback and improved our methods.

1K Extra went through three versions before it evolved into the Online Trainer Academy, now about to be in Version 4.0. (Click here to join the V4.0 waitlist.)

The end goal was always: To help good coaches like YOU achieve the life you want—without working 15 hours a day in a gym, selling crappy supplements, or falling prey to unscrupulous marketers.

If you’ve decided now is the right time to let us help you …

I hope you’ll join the waitlist for the Academy V4.0. You’ll get a special invitation to enroll, and $100-off coupon code, on March 26—so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when V4.0 launches March 29.

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This is me working on 1K Extra from the Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa, Hawaii  :)
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Quote of the week:

“A good coach can change your body.

A great coach can change your life.”
— Dr. John Rusin
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