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If your job is to help people … you’re at risk for burnout.   

That’s not a guess. It’s science.

Research shows that those in caregiving careers tend to experience symptoms of burnout the most.

Why? They’re so busy caring for others that they neglect themselves.

Take George Kalantzis, a Marine and personal trainer whose experience with burnout included a wrecked marriage, drugs and alcohol, clinical depression, and a moment with a gun, thinking he could simply end the pain.

Find out the 3 strategies that helped him finally find balance.  

After all …

We need to be realistic about what many trainers face. Phony positive thinking doesn’t help. But the strategies in George’s new article will.

Read it here: “From Burnout to Balance in 3 Steps”
Something else trainers are at risk for is IMPOSTOR SYNDROME …

As a trainer you're expected to “look the part” and be brimming with inspiration …  

It’s a high bar.

The next time you feel self-doubt creeping in … turn to the 6 strategies in another new article.

Read it here: “How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome (Even If You Have a TON of Certifications)”

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Quote of the week:

“Instead of failing your own expectations …

… set ones you can actually meet.” — Lee Boyce
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