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What should you be focusing on in your business right now? From Amber Reynolds, director of the Online Trainer Academy

While we were upgrading to Version 4.0 of the Online Trainer Academy, we learned something …  

Turns out, the people we help fall roughly into three groups.

All have unique needs, and should be focusing on different things to make progress in their businesses.

(That’s why, with the upgrades in V4.0, we added an assessment that generates a tailored study guide—so you get the info you need when you need it and enjoy a more streamlined learning experience.)

Here are those 3 groups, and what each should be focusing on. (Tell me if any of these sound like you.)

1. You’re brand-new to online training, and you don’t really know what it looks like.

You wonder:

Is this something I could do?

Would anyone really buy that from me?

How would I even take care of my clients?

This is overwhelming—where do I even start?

FOCUS ON: Building your confidence.

These students will start with the chapters that help answer basic questions about online training (like, what it is and how to take care of clients) while delaying until the appropriate time all the other details and decision-making that will only overwhelm you right now. So you gain the confidence you need to overcome self-limiting barriers and move your business forward.    

2. You’ve been hustling away trying to get clients, but you’re spinning your wheels—and your online "business" feels more like an expensive hobby.

You think:

I’m lost …

I’m just trying things …

I don’t really have a process …

I’ve got my first client. Now how do I get more?

FOCUS ON: Establishing your routine.

What you need is to shore up the foundation of your business: by nailing your unique selling proposition (USP), optimizing your social media, and eliminating all that unnecessary busy work so you can focus on your key needle-movers with less effort, in less time.

3. You’ve had some success training clients online—you have 5 to 10 clients and want more. But you’re not optimized to scale.

FOCUS ON: Optimizing those systems!
In V4.0, you’ll immediately be directed to the info that can help you start doing that now. You’ll learn what to automate, delegate, or eliminate. Plus you get simple-and-actionable advice for how to make sales calls and leverage email marketing.


Bottom line: When the learning process is targeted and streamlined, you get results faster and with less effort. And that’s what we want for you.  

And by the way – that’s just the tip of the iceberg of improvements we made in the Academy V4.0. (It launches tomorrow!!)

Watch out for an email from us tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET for more details (and to learn about the special bonus you’ll get if you’re among the first to enroll).

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"Everyone looks at the cost of a book, course, or coach.

Nobody considers the cost of being in the same place 1 year from now."
— Unknown (shared by Mark Carroll)
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