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JULY 18, 2021
Rethinking Cardio: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Clients to Love It

People who "hate cardio" are either doing it wrong or don’t understand it. Therefore, it is in your interest to get off the popular but misguided "I hate cardio" train, and take your clients off it too.
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Outdoor Workout Ideas: How to Train Your Fitness Clients Outside

Your client wants to train outside. But to effectively train a client outdoors, you have to be well versed in bodyweight training. I’m about to give you a crash course. Read More>

5 Reasons Every Personal Trainer Needs a Fitness Coach (You Too!)

If you want to get better at something, you hire somebody better or smarter than you to teach you. Here are five ways a fitness coach can help you improve.  Read More>

The 10 Most Controversial Topics in Exercise Science in 2021

Before you jump into a debate about one of these polarizing fitness topics, read this to make sure you know what you’re talking about.  
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