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I don't say this often ...   

But there IS a shortcut to success.

And it’s not some fancy funnel, or secret formula, or gimmicky tactic …  

It’s simple and honest, and it applies to ANYTHING you want to achieve (whether that’s building your business or your dream physique … )

The shortcut to success is hiring someone to show and teach you what you don’t know you don’t know.

It’s the quickest way to find, highlight, and plug the gaps in your knowledge.

Which is why in our NEW article, program architect for our Online Trainer Coaching service Joe Dowdell shares Why Trainers Need Trainers.

Joe tackles 5 big reasons why as a personal trainer, one of the BEST things you can do for your business, your clients, and your own health is to hire a trainer for yourself.

Here’s the article:

→ Why Trainers Need Trainers
NEW ARTICLE: 5 things I learned from my most difficult clients From Tony Gentilcore
When I started as a personal trainer, social media wasn’t a thing, smartphones didn’t exist, and Game of Thrones was just a book for nerds.

That’s almost two decades ago.

Today, people become Instagram fitness celebrities by posting half-naked pictures of themselves eating a gluten-free muffin, run their business from the palm of their hand, and can name their pet hamster Hodor and everyone will get it.

You know what hasn’t changed? People.

People are still people.

They’re rad, sad, stubborn, silly, anxious, pompous, friendly, enthusiastic, type-A, type-B, introverted, extroverted, and frankly I dig it all.

I enjoy the cornucopia of personalities and backgrounds I’m exposed to every day.

With a few exceptions.

By now I’ve worked with thousands of clients and can honestly say there have only been a handful I have dreaded working with. You probably recognize them and can commiserate with me.

But I hope you can also learn from me how to deal with them. How to work around—or work with—their attitudes. It’ll make them better clients and, trust me, make you a better trainer.

It took me years to learn some of this. Take five minutes and learn from me …

Read the rest of Tony’s new article here:
→ “5 Things I Learned from My Most Difficult Clients”

This Week on the Online Trainer Show
Here’s what you’ll learn …

You know that client who wants to try the latest fad diet? Listen to episode 92, “When Clients Want to Go Off Plan,” for how you can respond.

Before you launch your fitness or nutrition product … check out episode 93, “What You Can Learn from Our Past Launches,” to learn from our own successes and mistakes.

You’ll find every episode here:

--> The Online Trainer Show
Quote of the week:

“When you spend all your time searching for a ‘hack’ …

… you make everything take longer than it needs to.

Stop searching for hacks and start embracing the hard work.” — Jason Helmes
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