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Why saying no is healthy ...

Us trainers have a habit of overextending ourselves.

When you spend so much time taking care of others, it’s easy to neglect numero uno: YOU.

But you can’t take care of others unless you first take care of yourself.

Sometimes that means saying no …

And that’s OK …

Healthy, even …

It means you can avoid overcommitting yourself (which can lead to stress, feeling run-down, and even getting sick).

It’s healthy for your relationships. By protecting your time and your energy, you save some for your family.

And it’s even GOOD for your career. Because it means you can honor your existing obligations.

If you take the time you would’ve spent saying yes to everything and use it to do great work, you’re only going to get MORE opportunities in the future, not fewer.

So how do you say no?

No. (See how easy that was?)

According to John Berardi, there is a right way to say no … and it boils down to 4 steps.

Click to find out what they are:

--> "How to Say No in Four Easy Steps"

**And for more strategies on how to avoid burnout, click here.**

NEW ARTICLE: We need to let kids in the gym as early as possible (plus: 8 ways YOU can help)

As a dad, I get it.

I get why lots of parents try to avoid working out with their kids around.

Kids have a habit of getting in the way. They can be a distraction, making it hard to focus on your workout.

But habits and passions develop early …  

When you share your passion for exercise with your kids—you’re setting them up for a healthier future.

That goes for your clients’ kids, too.

Just imagine …

Imagine children growing up seeing gyms as normal instead of as intimidating places they struggle with as adults.

Imagine a future where young people ask their parents for gym memberships instead of video games.

YOU, the personal trainer, can help make this fantasy future a reality …

And you can start TODAY with the 8 steps in this new article …

Click to check it out:
→ “8 Ways Personal Trainers Can Get Kids to Love Fitness”
My son, Calvin, gives me an assist :)
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Quote of the week:

“If I prioritize my life outside of the gym, I’m guaranteed to be my best self when I am there.” —Pete Dupuis
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